For over 100 years, people living on the south shore of Montreal have had to cross bridges in order to experience the joy of eating a hot, fresh, hand rolled Montreal bagel just coming out of a wood oven. At the turn of the century immigrants from Montreal with over 50 years of experience in the making of Montreal's world famous bagels, moved to the region and opened up the first Brossard Bagel.


Since then, customers have been flocking to Brossard Bagel to experience the joy of fresh quality Montreal bagels right at their doorstep.

Come visit us. Bring the kids and make them a part of this Montreal tradition.


We offer our south shore customers a traditional handrolled Montreal style bagel. Boiled in a honey sweetened water and baked in a wood-fired oven with eastern township maple wood, that give's it that special flavor.

Stay clear of the bad traffic on the island, and get your Montreal style bagel without crossing the bridge.



  • Only the best and freshest ingredients go in to making a Brossard bagel

  • More than a dozen variety of bagels


  • A warm and friendly staff